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We have seen it in person: The best around-the-bed decorations ever

The time we spend in our bedroom is very significant, and a bedroom decorated to suit our own unique taste and style will bring us peace and a night of healthy sleep.  

We spend in our bed, mostly 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Therefore, our bed can definitely be considered as one of our safest and most intimate places in the world. This is why it is essential to commit yourself to make it cozy.  

If you are currently rearranging your bedroom for the sake of positive change in your life, we have a few original decoration propositions which can help you improve the space where you spend so much of your time. This space can contribute to the general atmosphere and energy that possesses you before going to sleep. Therefore, if you want to decorate it but lack inspiration, we are bringing you some of today’s hottest and coziest trends from the best-looking bedrooms that have moved us. If you want to get inspired, keep reading 🙂

A bench on the downside of the bed and hats on the wall  

Unique but straightforward, a wooden subjacent bench can be appealing and a practical detail in your bedroom. If you are in an experimental mood, you can decorate (or even make) this bench by yourself. If not, you can find one quickly online and buy it. A bench is an excellent addition that evokes an idyllic atmosphere and happens to be very practical and handy. You can put some flowers on it or perhaps aromatic candles. If you are techy, this can be an ideal place for your audio device. Another ultra-exciting detail for your intimate space can be a wall decoration made of hats you wear. This wall decoration style was inspired by 19th-century art and culture.  

Mystic mirrors and plant shelves  

If you are a light and mirror fan, using these elements can be precisely the perfect decoration for your sensibility. Try artfully displaying several mirrors above your headboard as shown in this example. This set can consist of a few smaller mirrors with a mutual theme. By choosing these mirrors, you’ll showcase your personality, aesthetic, and perhaps an interest in astrology. And yet, the mirrors are subtle enough so you can combine them with other elements such as this minimalistic cactus shelf.   

A gallery wall  

A gallery wall is a wall that has randomly arranged paintings, collages, photographs, or graphics. This wall style can look so stunning on the wall above your bed’s headboard. Regarding your general aesthetics, your bedroom gallery wall can be symmetrical, minimalistic, or wholly made of black and white pieces of art. If you’re looking to energize your space, try a  colorful bohemian style randomly arranged. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with either option.   

Hanging plants and decorations  

Here is an ideal trick for decorating your around-the-bed space if you are one of those ‘plant people.’  If you already have a high bed frame or a bar from which curtains hang – you already have the perfect place to display your hanging plants and accessories. We think this boho-inspired decor is to die for!  

If you’re planning on moving in the near future, you can trust your professional Arpin moving team to pack up your bedroom décor (and the rest of your household goods) so that they’re adequately protected and ready to inspire your new space. Contact Arpin today for a competitive quote on your next local, long-distance, or international move.   

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