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Small Home Living: 6 Reasons to Jump on the Trend

We have all heard about this new trend in downsizing over the last few years and you may even be one of the many considering making this change. Luckily, the practice of moving to a smaller space is becoming so popular due to its many benefits. This isn’t just a passing fad, but an ever-growing way of life. There may be even more perks to it than you realize.

Fewer Expenses

The most obvious perk of moving to a smaller home is the amount of money you can save. But, I’ll bet you haven’t considered all the ways this happens. Purchasing a small home is of course, much less expensive upfront, but this purchase also comes with smaller land taxes, reduced payment on utilities, and less space to furnish and decorate. In a new small home, you will learn to live with less and therefore, have to pay for less. 

Healthier Mental State

One of the most appealing things small-home living offers is the ability to promote mental wellbeing. A larger home would come with a bigger price tag, bigger expenses, bigger risks, and a bigger headache. Consider this when making your decision. This may be one of the most influential reasons people are choosing a smaller home. A smaller home is simply easier to purchase and less stressful to maintain.

Less Cleaning

Reduced living space means less space to clean! Who doesn’t love that? Instead of carving out a perfect, sunny Saturday to catch up on cleaning your home, you’ll likely only need a couple of hours to get this task done after downsizing to a smaller one. With just a few rooms to keep tidy, it can be easier to clean as you go too. That way, you can get on with doing the things you love in your free time instead of doing things no one loves.

Lower Energy Bills

Small house = small heating space. Though it varies from state-to-state, the average cost to heat a 2,000 square-foot home is anywhere from $1,000 to over $3,000 per year! Cut your living space in half, and you can cut that cost in half. Not only that, but your electricity bill will lower, as well as other utilities used on a case-by-case basis.

Greater Sustainability

Small home living isn’t just for empty nesters. In fact, a growing number of millennial homebuyers are doing the same because of their common desire to reduce their ecological footprint. Having a smaller home means using less of the earth’s resources and of course, less physical space on land. Also, using less space to do the things that you love means spending more time enjoying what you have, buying less, and gaining a less consumer-dependent mindset. 

Easier to Sell

It’s a simple fact. Less expensive homes jump off the market much easier than larger ones. With much of the market consisting of first-time homebuyers, smaller homes are always in demand. With this new trend on its way up as well, the market for less expansive homes is even larger than it used to be. A great perk of owning one is that it can typically be easily sold should you change your mind about your living situation.

Overall, there doesn’t seem to be many downsides when downsizing. It may take some getting used to, but overall, the experience can be both mentally and monetarily rewarding. If you are on the hunt for a new small home and would like to get started in hiring a dependable and experienced moving company, visit We have all the resources you’ll need to begin your new life in your small home.

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