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How to arrange the most productive remote workplace ever? Part 2

Here is a continuation list of arranging the most productive home office as we promised in the first part. If you have recently moved in and have not yet unpacked your things and boxes, it will be useful to read this blog.

Concentration is most important! How to improve it?

Even though you think that your family, pets, or neighbors are the primary trigger of your wandering attention, consider the hidden thief of concentration that always lurks around each of us! Reduced attention and concentration can also be affected by notifications on social networks and a mobile phone. Did you know that the average user unlocks their phone 80 times, while the more advanced users do it as many as 130 times during the day? The best solution to avoid falling into that trap is to put your phone in another room and turn off all social networks and notifications on your computer to prevent distractions. Then, when you have a break, you can use it to check your phone, as well as all incoming notifications. As for unnecessary noise, there is a right solution for that too! If you function better with certain music, play it because it can prevent the noise from disturbing your attention. So, why not make a work playlist to help you focus throughout your workday!

How to achieve greater efficiency?

First of all, in order to be productive and one hundred percent concentrated, your entire home should be tidy. Going to the office, closing the door, and ignoring the chaos is not a good solution. The chaos around you creates chaos in you! Unnecessary books, piles of various inadequate papers, and cups of coffee from the previous day have no place in the new working day.

Here’s an insider’s tip for you: Every morning, before you start your busy day, write a list of all the tasks you should do for the day. When you finish, cross the completed task off the list and start with a new one. This way, you will be more efficient, motivated to accomplish the next task, and you will avoid the risk of forgetting or skipping something. The most important thing is to have enough space to think, work, and wisely use the home-office time unhindered and functionally. And don’t forget: a neat and clean workplace is the key to your success.

Working day from home: when does it start and when does it end?

We are beings of habit. Therefore, working from home must not be an excuse to get out of the routine and skip our daily habits. To prevent losing control over your work discipline:

  1. Continue working and behave the same as before.
  2. Set the hour to the time when you usually get up when you go to work.
  3. Get out of your pajamas, dress up, and do not succumb to the temptation to work like no one’s watching. You never know when you may get called into an impromptu Zoom meeting!

FYI: Pajama dress code is associated with relaxation. So, don’t subconsciously neglect work and get into a daily routine. Leave your pajamas to sleep!

  1. Make a TO DO list of priorities and monitor the progress of tasks. If you have a clear goal, it will be easier for you to focus and block out various distractors that tend to separate you from achieving that goal.
  2. Don’t forget to take breaks, move, and rest your eyes from the screen.

Another piece of advice that should be taken most seriously: When you work from home, there is a danger that time management will get mixed up for you, and that is why it is very important that you go to work every morning and return home every afternoon! Physically, it is the same place, but it is crucial to understand that it is psychologically different.

Your perfect place to think

You have to admit: when you decide where to move, one of the factors that influence your decision is the intimate corner that catches your eye where you can immediately imagine yourself taking a respite from the workday. Now is the perfect time to start using such thinking and applying it to a corner in your own home. So when furnishing your workspace, be sure to plan for including this small, but convenient detail. It can be a comfortable reading chair, a love seat or small sofa, or a relaxing chair that has proven to be a spot that generates creative thinking,  especially in combination with adequate lighting and decorative pillows. This is an ideal way to get some rest before you start working again.

Another great asset that Arpin is proud of is the workers who have a rich relocation home office experience. They have moved to thousands of different ones, they have incorporated various office styles, and they are very willing to share with you interesting insights that will be of great use to you when you move and arrange your home workspace.

You know what they say about us, we do moving that makes people happy. And happy people make us happy! Don’t hesitate and get a free quote!



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