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How to arrange the most productive remote workplace ever? Part 1

Whether the office in your home is just your temporary workplace or is a space where you do all your work, a workplace in your home offers many benefits, but it also brings various challenges. Whether the corner in your living room is equipped with office furniture and you turned it into a workplace or have a separate room for the office, it needs to be fitted precisely according to your requirements and criteria. We will reveal a few tips on how to make the office in your home a place where you will be more productive and where you will feel comfortable and cozy.

Level up your productivity

What is the best place in the apartment for your office?

If possible, your office needs to be in a room that has a window because it is essential to get natural daylight. Also, make it a room in your home that is a little more isolated and the least noisy. A room overlooking a noisy main street is a wrong choice because you will have more distractions and be less able to concentrate. In such conditions, your productivity will not be at the highest level.

Tip: You can also reduce the noise level with a carpet that muffles certain sounds and at the same time makes the room more pleasant. One large rug can work wonders in eliminating echoes. When considering which rugs you’d like to take for your office, always choose by textures. If the weaving is good, the power of sound absorption will be more substantial, and this will automatically lead to a quieter ambiance. Also, the carpet can be colorful, while the rest of the room should be in calmer, lighter tones.

apartment home office desk

Equipment for one good home office

First of all, you should think carefully about what you will need for successful daily work from your home office. Some professions may only require you to have access to one desk and a high-performance computer. However, if you are doing some creative work, you may need additional office furniture to store other necessary items such as papers, resource materials, etc. For those in the consulting business, we are sure that extra storage space in the form of shelves, office racks, and drawers will be necessary for a functional office. So, before you start furnishing your home workspace, you should first make a list of the essentials required to make the best use of every inch of your office.

equipment for home office working remote like a pro!

Which office furniture to choose?

This matter is mostly a question of taste and the room’s size. Let’s start with the first: Are you more of a fan of unique furniture, or do you still prefer classic office furniture? This choice is entirely up to you. But above all, you should focus on its functionality. Have you perhaps discovered an excellent dining chair that you could also use as an office chair? Stop here. The chair is probably the most important item here. Think twice when choosing a chair for your office because being productive with annoying back pain is a mission impossible. Therefore, be sure to choose your office chair wisely, because it is a place where you will sit for at least eight hours a day — and it must be comfortable.

home office furniture comfortable chair for painless back

The office lamp

This office accessory is mostly taken for granted, but it is also indispensable for quality work. Although not enough attention is usually paid to it, real office lighting is crucial. The table lamp is precisely our lighthouse for work. The most optimal and best table lamps are adjustable in height and can be rotated and adjusted by hand because that is the easiest way to direct the light where it’s needed. After all, you only have a couple of eyes, and they should be strongly protected and cared for accordingly. So, when you equip your entire office, make sure you devote enough time to choosing the right lighting.

the office lamp for working from home remote


Level up your work!

Do you know that employed people spend two-thirds of their lives in offices, more precisely at the desk? Height-adjustable desks are a standard part of a modern, healthy, and dynamic workplace. It is the ergonomically adjusted workplace that brings a different attitude towards work and increased productivity. Research shows that the best height for working is elbow height with about 30 centimeters of free space around you. This is necessary to have uninterrupted move coordination with your hands. And remember, investing in new office furniture is not a waste of money, but a hidden resource, because you’ll quickly realize visible and positive results.

work desk home with pets


Where are your documents?

Creative chaos is a normal phenomenon. Since we know that the biggest enemy of any interior is mess and chaos, it is still important that everything is in its place at the end of the working day. For small home offices, the most important thing is to create enough space for papers, accessories, office supplies, binders, folders, books, etc.

The best way to save you the most space is to mount shelves on the wall to hold all your binders, files, etc. You can choose to store items in decorative containers thereby making the office supplies a decorative feature in your new, favorite room.

useful shelves fro documents for working from home. Save space and use it wisely!


Check back next week for part two of our blog, “How to arrange the most productive remote workplace ever?“



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