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7 of the Most Helpful Packing Tips for Moving

Make a Packing List

It can be easy to get lost in the moving process, forgetting an item here and there. The best way to avoid mistakes is to make a plan. Take inventory. Create a packing list so that you know which items are the most important to move and in what order packing should go. Think of your most prized possessions and make sure that they are listed.

Move Room-by-Room

Getting overwhelmed is such a common occurrence when you’ve made the decision to move. Between the emotions of changing to a new space, and the mound of tasks you have to get done, one of the best ideas for reducing stress is to know exactly where to start. Choose your most under-utilized room to pack up first. And then, move room-by-room so you are doing one section at a time. Being organized in this way will influence a reduction in mistakes or missing items and promote a healthier state of mind.

Pack a Moving Day Bag

It is certainly important to have everything you need when moving day comes too, right? Don’t make the mistake many people do and accidentally pack something you need for the day of. Fill a backpack or travel bag with your daily essentials such as a bottle of water, your phone charger, a snack, and prescriptions you may need. Simply put, be prepared.

Donate or Recycle Unnecessary Items

You are bound to come across some possessions, which you’ll think to yourself, “Why did I keep this?” One of the best ways to pack and move less is to get rid of those unwanted items beforehand. In fact, many moving companies will aid you in finding the proper place to donate your goods. Of course if you don’t choose this route, you can always bring household goods to local thrift stores or donation bins. Reducing the volume of household goods means an easier, and less expensive move.

Start Packing Early

Do not procrastinate. This is the fastest way to overwhelm yourself when that moving date comes creeping up on you. We all lead busy lives but trying to find just a little bit of time each day to pack something will save you a headache later on. Grab a pizza or a bottle of wine and invite a couple of friends over to help. It could even be fun going through some of your old possessions together.

Use Proper Packing Materials

The easiest way to become disappointed, or even mad, is to have an important item break or bend in the moving process. Educate yourself on proper packing techniques. The more you know, the less damage you might accidentally cause to your precious items. It is also important to obtain the proper packing materials for the process such as sturdy boxes, shipping tape, paper and bubble wrap as-needed, and furniture blankets.

Label Everything

There is no such thing as over-labeling your boxes! This is a promise. Labeling your boxes clearly by room is a great start. If you want to know exactly what is in your particular boxes, make a few bullet notes underneath to let yourself know later on. If you are using recycled boxes, be sure to cross out previous labels made by the party before you. Having a clear idea where each box goes and what you will be unpacking will make your move go much smoother.

Packing is a tough job, one that many people simply don’t want to do – and that’s okay! At Arpin Moving, Inc., we have the skilled hands, supplies, and training for proper packing of your beloved household goods. Check out our website today to get started on your next big move!

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