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7 Fast and Easy Outdoor DIY Projects

Now that the majority of us are spending more time at home, and the warm weather has moved in at full blast, you may be wondering what outdoor project you can start. Spending a lot of money on a brand new patio or a handcrafted pergola may sound nice, but it can be extremely intimidating or simply out of the question for you right now. Luckily, there are a lot of small things that can be done without breaking the bank or taking weeks to accomplish. Check out some of our favorite ideas for a spruced up outdoor area that almost anyone can do.

Raised Garden Beds

Having a garden is a great way to save a few bucks on fresh produce or add a little something extra to your home’s curb appeal. Raised garden beds are the way to go if you want a project that is easy, cheap, and will turn out beautiful. There are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube and the like. All you need is some wood, a few tools, and a desire to get your hands dirty!

Stone Pathway

A simple pathway leading to your front door or around to the backyard could be a lovely little addition to your outdoor space and for some it may not even cost a dime! If you live in a wooded area or know a friend who does, gather some large rocks from the natural landscape and set them up as your personally designed pathway. The end result could be an interesting conversation piece if the stones came right from your property too!

Tree Swing

How easy is this? All you need is a heavy-duty rope or chain, a thick slab of wood, a drill, and a ladder (or not, if you’re okay with climbing trees). Though you could probably handle this one on your own, check out for this quick tutorial so you get it just right. Trust us when we say, “Your kids will love it!”


Create a stunning canopy over your outdoor hangout area by purchasing one or two large pieces of canvas or even an old sail! Scope out some sturdy trees or other structures to tie a rope tightly to, connecting to the corners of the canopy. You could even sew in some stronger hook attachments if you have the skilled hands to do so. Check out some visuals on Pinterest to see which style you prefer.

Build a Fire Pit

Everyone loves a good fire pit; the ambiance of the crackling fire, catching up with friends, and of course, gooey, chocolaty s’mores! You don’t have to go crazy in building one. Pick your favorite spot, take a short trip to the local home improvement store or stonemason for some heavy bricks or stones, and build a circle pit. The weight and distribution will help weigh it down and you won’t even need to cement it in if you are looking for a quickie project. “Voila!” It’s finished.

Outdoor Game Area

Who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga? Large outdoor sets of this popular game are all the rage and because they are just blocks of wood, they are such an easy project for almost anyone to make. If you are really into games and entertaining, designating an outdoor space for your homemade Jenga set could be right up your alley. Eventually, you could even expand your creations with future projects in Checkers, Chess, or Dominos!

Mood-Setting Lights

Imagine sitting in your backyard or on your deck, a fire crackling nearby, sipping a cup of hot coffee or tea, our dog by your side. What would make this even better? String lights! Every outdoor space needs a little mood lighting to be complete. Luckily, string lights are becoming more and more popular and with that, less expensive and with a wide variety of styles to choose from. And, you can get the just about anywhere. Find style ideas in this great Country Living article.

Take it from us. Outdoor décor does not have to be expensive and glitzy. In fact, your friends and neighbors will likely be paying you compliments on your great handiwork. A little curb appeal envy is never a bad thing. If you are considering some of these ideas for a future home you’ve had your eye on, consider using Arpin Moving, Inc. as your relocation experts! Our movers, packers, and delivery drivers are some of the highest qualified, nationwide. Visit to get started.

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