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5 Tips to Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

You may be thinking that now is not the time to sell your home. Think again. Though the economy seems to be on hold during this pandemic, luckily the housing market is not. Because many people are choosing to stay put during this time, there is a higher demand for homes for those who are on the move. Right now is a great time to sell. The process may be a little unconventional than what we are used to, but there are many ways that you can make this work. It is time to step into the future of home selling with these helpful tips.

Avoid Open Houses

Though it might seem obvious, you should try to avoid organizing an open house. Though restrictions on large crowds are easing in some parts of the country, many people are still uncomfortable being too close to strangers and you should respect their safety. Not only that, but you are likely to have a decrease in the amount of people who might attend your open house compared to a non-pandemic state. Potential buyers may not be comfortable with a number of people moving through the home. Air on the side of caution and consider alternative options such a virtual open house.

Invest in a Professional Photography Session

Since much of your selling will be online, you may want to consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your home, inside and out. When someone begins to search for a new home, the first thing that they will likely turn to is the Internet. Make a good first impression. Help the viewer stop his or her scrolling and really be wowed by your home. Your home can certainly stand out with the proper photographs.

Clean and Stage your Home

Cleaning and staging your home with the appropriate furnishings and décor is now even more important than it was previously. Going hand-in-hand with polished photos and videos of the house will be a huge push in getting a potential buyer to reach out for more information. And if they are going through a tour, whether in person or virtually, proper staging will almost sell the home for you. Make your house feel warm and inviting and prospective buyers will never want to leave.

Enlist the Help of a Real Estate Agent

If you are nervous about selling your home alone during the pandemic, consider hiring a real estate agent. Between economical and personal stresses, it can be hard to keep your head above water during a home sell. With a real estate agent, you will pay a fee but it could end up being a huge relief for your mental state. On top of that, a professional real estate agent will always be up-to-date on pandemic guidelines and processes so that you can easily stay in the know too.

Set Rules & Provide Sanitation Supplies

Finally, when you do allow for a prospective buyer to come in for physical viewing, don’t forget to provide the proper safety items such as face masks and hand sanitizer. Be sure to also stay at least six (6) feet apart from your viewers or let them explore the home all by themselves. Though they may be comfortable enough in not taking extreme precautions, they will certainly respect your thought process. Making friendly and respectful connections with house hunters is sure to influence their purchase decision as well.

Though we are living in unprecedented times, selling your home can still be a very rewarding and profitable experience. Following some of these simple guidelines will help you along the way. Since you are selling your home, you must also be moving! Let Arpin Moving, Inc. take the unnecessary stress of a big move off your shoulders. You have enough to worry about. Get started exploring our services by visiting

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