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5 Timeless Color Palettes for Any Room in the House

So, you’ve decided to repaint a room or two. It can be a rather daunting task to come up with the correct color palette. You stress out about how much color you want to put in a room, how dark or light it might be, and what accent pieces you can use to compliment your walls. It must be perfect. Well, some of us may think that we have everything under control, but many people considering a room update have a hard time putting the vision together. Well worry no more. Here are a few of our favorite classic color palettes that absolutely never go out of style.

Natural Wood, Classic White, and Creamy Taupe

Whether you rent or own a home, it is very likely that you have natural wood peaking through in some way. Whether it be the trim around the windows, base boards, or just your furniture, one of the best shades to go along with this natural wood is a nice classic white. A creamy taupe can also complement these two tones in a very elegant way. Combining white and taupe with the organic feel of the natural wood is a great way to both keep it classy, and keep it rustic, which lucky for you is something that will never go out of style


Muted Blue with Gold Accents

Although this color is almost always trending anyway, the 2020 Pantone color of the year is classic blue. Blue can be used in so many different ways and in so many different shades. While you may automatically want to pair blue with more cool colors, consider going with a warmer tone such as orange or gold. These colors sit opposite on the color wheel of blue and therefore, are complementary, each making the other more striking. Over the last couple of years, much of the home decor we see has reverted back to a mid-century modern look, and therefore, gold decorative pieces for the home are very popular right now. You can’t go wrong in choosing this complementary duo of blue with gold accents.

Slate Grey and Blush

Man or woman, young or old, blush can be a very becoming statement color in your home. Combining blush with a tried and true slate grey can make for a sleek, comfortable, and welcoming area for both you and your house guests. Both classic and sophisticated colors, a smoky slate grey and blushing pinky red automatically makes you think of a beautiful sunset, inducing you into a calm and collected state of mind. These two tones never go out of style because they work so well together, creating that perfect mood-setting combination of warmth and stillness.


Forest Green and Copper Tones

If you are a bit more on the adventurous side, consider redecorating in Forest Green and copper tones. A deep dark shade of green is not only reminiscent of nighttime outdoors, but it also emulates a calming environment. The color green is associated with growth and nature, and therefore, putting it in our homes makes us feel more connected, more alive, and gives us balance and harmony in our everyday lives. Placing copper tones side-by-side with these earthy greens is reminiscent of adding natural wood to your decor evoking the feeling of bringing even more of the outside in.


Simple Black and White

Something that simply never ever goes out of style is decorating in black and white. This very clean and straightforward pair can be used in a variety of decor choices and styles. One of the best and most convenient things about using black and white in decorating is its ability to blend well with any other color at all – or, you may also choose not to pair with color at all. The choice is yours and either choice is a safe one.

Decorating does not have to be such an intimidating task, though it is understandable if you get a little bit stressed out about it. Choosing one of these standby color combinations is a safe bet because they truly do not go out of style. When moving to a new home, one of the first things you likely will want to do is paint and decorate. That’s the most satisfying part of moving, right? Have you found a new home and are getting ready to move? At Arpin Moving, Inc., we can help get you there quickly and efficiently. Visit to get started on your free moving quote, so that you can get to choosing some new color schemes as soon

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