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4 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress During an Office Relocation

Lets face it. Moving is stressful. In fact, WebMD even cites moving as one of the top ten causes of emotional distress. This is no different within an office setting. According to statistics, office relocations make up a whopping 38% of all yearly moves. Now that’s a lot of stress. So, as a company manager or director, how can you help ease that burden? Following some of our helpful tips should be of some guidance. That way, everyone can get back to work and enjoy the new company setting.

Discuss How the Decision Was Made

First and foremost, you or your superiors making the decision to change office locations should be open and communicative about how the decision was made. Will the move help save the company money? Is the new location more sustainable? Let the employees know how the move will benefit them both personally and professionally. There will of course be some pushback from some employees. It is inevitable that you cannot make everyone happy. But you can certainly be of some assistance in swaying those persons’ opinions on the matter. In the end, employees of your company will appreciate not being kept in the dark.

Highlight Perks of the New Neighborhood

Even if your company is making a small move, just across town, things will be different. Employees may have a shorter or longer commute time, could have had their doctor’s office close by for convenience, and/or likely had their favorite lunch spots picked out at the old office building’s location. Dealing with these changes might be difficult for some. If you want to put their minds at ease, you might consider putting together a short email blast or even a printed pamphlet highlighting great restaurants, roadways, medical offices, and even daycares in the area of the new office location. Change can be scary but with this, employees might feel a little bit better.

Be Prepared, Take Your Time, and Stay Excited

There is nothing more stressful than a disorganized project, never mind the moving of an entire office! Make sure you have everything in order when it comes to this big event. The simplest way to not stress is to have every detail laid out and every question ready for an answer. Have a plan in place and if you can, even get a head start on it. There is no such thing as being too prepared. Also, don’t handle it all on your own. Assemble a team to aid in the preparation. This way, everyone has a specific duty and not one single person will feel too overwhelmed.

Provide Moving Resources if the Situation Calls for it

If moving offices means moving some employees along with it, you may want to consider taking an even more personal approach to those employees’ household moves. Look into hiring a professional moving company for your employees will ensure that they have all of the resources they need to get the transition completed successfully. You may find yourself surprised at the level of expertise and experience some companies have in office relocations.

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