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4 Ways to Ease into Working From Home

The times have certainly changed. While we have seen sudden and drastic unemployment rates due to the recent pandemic, we are slowly making our way back into the workforce. With that, many businesses are facing major changes in their operations. Working remotely may have begun as a temporary arrangement when COVID-19 first made its way into our every day lives, but many businesses have learned that this practice is benefiting their employees both physically and emotionally.

Major companies such as Twitter, Shopify, and Otis Elevator Company have all announced permanent remote work as the future of their operations and there is no doubt that we will see more and more companies taking a page from their book. So how do we make this a smooth transition? We are all in this together and we are all adapting. As a company built on helping others with major life changes, we present just a few suggestions for making your change a successful one.

Get Yourself Set Up

If you plan to create a new or updated home office, two items are of extreme importance: a comfortable office chair and a reliable desk. So many people complain of back and shoulder problems due to sitting on uncomfortable chairs throughout the day or reaching too far to use their computer. Working remotely gives you the opportunity to choose which items will suit you best. Your set up should include everything you need to perform your job most effectively. Don’t be afraid to ask your company to provide you with the items you need. They will likely want you to be comfortable. And of course, you can add in any décor and little extras to make it your own.

Block Out Distractions

Many of us struggle to block out distractions while working from home. Here is a tip: unless you are an expert in concentration, turn off the TV. True focus relies heavily on making one task at a time the focal point. Blocking out all the distractions will certainly help. Many of us are also working from home with children. You may think that it is impossible to get anything done but like everything else, it will simply take some getting used to. Allow specific times your children can come to you or create a do-not-disturb system. CNBC has a few helpful suggestions, which could help some parents out.

Be Open with Your Colleagues

Everyone is in the same boat. This is a big change and therefore, the challenges you are facing are likely mirrored in some of your colleagues. If you are struggling because your children keep running in and out of your office or you are having a hard time figuring out how to use a new program on your computer, be honest about it. You may be surprised about how empathetic your manager and/or coworkers will be.

Create a Routine

Having your old routine in waking up, getting ready, doing small tasks, and then heading to work, is something that likely kept you moving and comfortable before the pandemic altered all our lives. Try to stick to it anyway. Some of us used to pack lunches for our children on weeknights, or prep dinners for the upcoming week. Keep doing this. Are you a work-out-before-dawn kind of person? It’s not a bad idea to stick to that practice too. We are not going to be our old “normal” right now, but we can attempt to create a new normal in order to help us feel more comfortable and grounded.

The situation today can be stressful. Working from home is a big adjustment when you don’t know where to begin. We hope that this list will get you started on your way to being a successful and happy remote employee. You are certainly not alone! And, if you are looking to move your office to a whole new home, don’t hesitate to browse our resources at! Our team of professional movers and packers are available to make your home move an easy transition.

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