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4 Home Office Design Trends

With the onset of stay-at-home advisories mixed with our desire and obligation to keep on working, a home office is something that many of us now take much pride in. It should be our room to both focus and relax, to truly concentrate on the tasks at hand, and to feel comfortable in. Take a note or two from our list of the best ideas when it comes to a proper home office. These modern trends all play an important part in promoting a professional, yet enjoyable environment, helping you truly get the job done each day.

Plenty of Light

When considering the design of your home office, your first thought is typically the layout of your desk and chair. Maybe you’re trying to decide which sentimental items you’ll want in view. But, have you thought enough about lighting? Since we typically spend most days indoors, it is extremely important to get as much vitamin D as possible. Choose a space with the most natural light you can manage. According to Work Design Magazine, even artificial LED lighting can “help our bodies delineate between day and night, allowing it to organize a myriad of biological processes, while reinforcing our natural sleep / wake cycle.”

Comfy and Attractive Office Chair

Office chairs don’t all come in black or gray these days! Improve your mood with a boost of color in your office chair. Or, if you like to go against the grain, improve your space with a different kind of chair – one that will make you the most at ease, while also providing some style to the room. Perhaps it is your great aunt’s hand-me-down, ultra-cozy armchair, or maybe even an exercise ball. The choice is yours. Make yourself comfortable.

Meaningful Storage Space

Since working from home is new to many of us, we may find ourselves struggling to come up with a way to store all of our necessary work-related items. It may be time to get creative. Add some shelves above your workspace or pick up a couple of bookcases to keep important items on display. If you need specific printouts and other items within view, putting up a cork board isn’t a bad idea either. If you aren’t the design and creative type, luckily, there are people all over the internet who are. Check out a few different websites for ideas. It will be much easier than you think.

A Touch of the Outside

As mentioned above, being indoors most of our lives is kind of a bummer. Taking some of the outside in is a great way to combat that overly sheltered feeling. More than just visually appealing, indoor plants have been proven to influence a more productive workspace by increasing concentration levels and general mood. Amazon’s Seattle headquarters took a page from this book when they filled “spheres” with over 40,000 different plants from across the globe. With the company being one of the most popular places to work, it is a wonder how much those plants have contributed.


There is a psychology behind each element of an office space, many of us are learning right now during worldwide stay-at-home advisories. If you are moving to a new home, it is a great time to build an office from scratch. Ease your stress ahead of time by contacting Arpin Moving, Inc. and explore some of our professional resources and services which will get you on your way to settling right in.

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