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25 Stay Busy Activities: Your Go-To Guide to Social Distancing

As we enter into another week of staying home, you may be getting a case of cabin fever. Though some of us are perfectly content binging TV show after TV show, many are having a difficult time staying still. We are built to keep active, go outside, and socialize. So, we have to get creative. Here is your go-to list of at-home activity ideas, some perhaps you’ve considered, and some you haven’t.

  1. Read a Book You Always Thought About Reading

Start chipping away at that long list!

  1. Put Together a Puzzle

Solving a puzzle is an easy and inexpensive way to exercise your brain.

  1. Paint or Draw Your Own Masterpiece

Whether you have artistic talent or not, creative activities are known to help ease stress and promote a healthy mind.

  1. Build a Piece of Furniture

You can find free plans of plenty of different projects right online!

  1. Clean Out Your Closets

It’s something we always put off for later. Now’s the time!

  1. Start a Sewing Project

Sewing can be fun! We swear.

  1. Write a Song or Story

Practicing your communication and writing skills can help you get ahead in both your personal and professional life.

  1. Update a Room with a Fresh Coat of Paint

It can be boring staring at the same old colors. Mix it up with an updated and trendy color scheme.

  1. Foster a Dog or Cat in Need

They will certainly keep you busy! There are an overwhelming number of animals looking for a foster family right now.

  1. Start a New Workout Routine

Even twenty minutes per day will help you feel better about all the Netflix binging you’ve been doing.

  1. Learn a Different Language

It’s just another career-boosting skill that you’ll feel proud to have learned.

  1. Experiment with New Recipes in the Kitchen

If you love to cook, bake, or even if you don’t, find your happy place in the kitchen! The bonus is that you get to eat everything as a reward.

  1. Organize a Family Game Night

There’s nothing wrong a little bit of family competition, right?

  1. Start or Spruce Up Your Garden

Spring is here. Now’s the time to start planting!

  1. Clean Out Your Car

No one loves doing this task, but it always feels good when it’s done.

  1. Listen to a New Podcast

Podcast choices are almost unlimited today. Check out some of the best ones and pick one or two to entertain you or to learn something new.

  1. Learn to Play an Instrument

Hopefully you live alone – or your family is very patient.

  1. Take a Class Online

Looking for a more formal skill set? There are plenty of online learning opportunities for adults as well as kids.

  1. Virtual Tour a Famous Location

Even the San Diego Zoo lets you visit some animals from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Take a Drive to Explore Your Neighborhood

Find new shortcuts and see things you never noticed on your normal commute.

  1. Pick Up an Adult Coloring Book

It is one of the most popular trends today.

  1. Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator

Unload all your old food and clean up those coffee stains!

  1. Drop Off Old Cloths at a Donation Bin

Purging unneeded items feels good. It feels even better knowing they will go to someone in need. There is sure to be a local drop off bin near you.

  1. Reorganize Furniture For a Whole New Layout

If you don’t want to paint, simply move around the furniture for a new layout to mix things up.

  1. Get Ahead of Bills by Creating a Budget

It’s something we always think to do, but never get around to it. Stay organized and on top of your upcoming expenses.

Getting started on some of these ideas will not only fill up some hours in the day, but will also likely make you feel good about yourself. Many of us struggle to stay in one spot. Keeping our minds and bodies moving will help prevent putting us in a slump and even encourage newer good habits for the long run.

If you have a move planned for the future, add this to the list: check out all of the moving resources we provide at! You may not be ready to travel right now. At Arpin, we understand the precautions our potential customers are taking at this time to help keep them safe and healthy, and we share in those values. We can aid in preparing you for when that day ultimately comes, and you can start on your journey to a new home.

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